Massage Centre in Delhi

Massage Centre in Delhi

There are a number of techniques that are involved in massage therapies and each of the massages follow a different set of techniques here at Massage Centre in Delhi.

Let’s take for example the Deep Tissue Massage where hard and gentle strokes are applied to the body along with deep finger pressure which is helpful in relieving the chronic pain and can help recovering from a surgery if you have recently gone through one.

Aroma Therapy Massage on the other hand involves the use of long and gliding strokes all over the body with the use of the essential oils and hence is of great help while regularizing the blood pressure. It also helps in the quick recovery from an injury and flushing out of the harmful toxins from the body.

Balinese massage from Massage Centre in Delhi involves the use of acupressure, reflexology, gentle stretching, skin rolling, kneading and pressure point instigation. Gentle and deep pressure is applied.

Swedish Massage at Massage Centre in Delhi involves the use firm kneading, stretching, and gentle tapping, bending and circular pressure is applied by the hands and the palms of our masseurs from Massage Centre in Delhi. It also involves rubbing of the muscle tissues with long and sweeping motions with the aim of directing the flow of blood toward the heart.

Then there’s the Thai massage here with us at Massage Centre in Delhi since it makes acupressure, compression and joint mobilization. It helps in the overall mobility and focuses on the nervous system.

Once you step into the ambience of our centre at Massage Centre in Delhi, you will get the feeling of entering Paradise since the aroma of the precious oils and the serene and tranquil setting is sure to please you and you will be calling us again and again for fixing repeat appointments at Massage Centre in Delhi.

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